The declutterer’s New Year resolution challenge – Throw away 10 expensive things today

So after spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve in lovely Lisbon I return to my London home with a mission.

Today I decided to throw away 10 things I paid a lot of money for and never used! Yes, that’s my New Year’s Eve challenge to start getting rid of all that clutter. My life is starting to become chaotic and I am wasting too much energy each time I look at the declutter mission so I have decided to take small steps towards getting rid of the stuff.

I found a free collection service for electrics and electronics. The nice thing about it is that they also destroy any data you may have stored on devices such as old mobile phones. I will let you know in another post how the service went after collection!

Here is my selection:

  1. Hair straightener – I don’t use this anymore after finding an amazing hairdresser who is doing a nice haircut and teaching me how to keep it straight when I blow dry it. On top of that, this is an old model that does not have temperature control and I have a more modern new generation one. I was hoping to ‘donate it to someone someday’ because I spent a lot of money back in the days… I don’t think anyone should use it, though! So this is going away.

2. Selfie-pod – Crap, does not work, it’s making me risk smashing my phone. I get bad feelings each time I look at it. I kept it again because it was ‘expensive’ for what it is… and I have only used it once or twice. Let’s face it! I will never use it anymore. It’s definitely going away!

3, 4 and 5 – Old gadgets nobody wants anymore – I have an old mobile phone and two cameras, but my smartphone takes much better pictures and I will not use this phone ever again. I tried to switch it on the other day and it did not work. These little things are going to go away and very quickly!

6. Underwater pack for my old camera – yes, this was expensive, this is why I kept a 2002 camera around for so long… gone!

7. Designer belt – I used to love going to rock concerts and wearing this stuff! It’s completely old fashioned now. I wanted to keep it as a memory or souvenir but it does not fit the vision I want for my new bedroom or my new grown-up woman dress style. Also, every time I look at it I remember a similar belt got taken from me by the doorman at a festival because it was a ‘dangerous’ item. It has to go. Charity shop now!

8. Gorilla gloves – These are going away for sure, not sure how they got into my flat in the first place! It totally does not fit my new minimalistic home vision.

9, 10, 11 and 12 – Perfume bottles – I have much better perfume now, don’t want these anymore. I think the bottles are tacky and don’t fit my bedroom and even though I like the smell of the perfume, I would not wear it. I am not throwing it away but using the perfume as room diffuser instead.

So that’s my 12 items of the day!! I managed to select more than ten things and consider this a personal victory.

How about you? Did you do start your New Year’s decluttering? Feel free to share your ten items with us!

Helen Clark

Digital marketer, writer, blogger and housecrafter. I love cooking healthy and tasty foods without spending hours in the kitchen. I'm passionate about helping modern housekeepers stay healthy and spend less time doing house chores and more time enjoying life. Getting rid of my clutter one step at a time.

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