Organise Your Home Better with the Japanese Art of Decluttering

Kondo, a Japanese organising consultant brought about a huge craze throughout the world with the publishing of her book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

The book propelled her to gaining a celebrity status in Japan as she emphasises that decluttering your house changes your life for the better. At the moment, there is a three-month-long waiting queue of people who would wish to experience her services. Marie introduced the world to the Japanese art of decluttering, which appears a tad wacky but it comes with great pointers.

Below are some useful tips and principles that you can pick from her approach to organise your house better.

Declutter the japanese way

Anything that does not “spark joy” should be discarded

You should not assume by just looking at your closet that everything inside gives you a spark of joy or thrill. You must take each and every outfit in your hands and if it does not give you that spark of joy, you should get rid of it. Our homes are often filled with unwanted clothes that do not fit anymore, gifts and other unnecessary baggage. The secret to getting rid of all these items according to the Japanese art of decluttering is discarding everything immediately when it is not needed anymore. You should focus more on the items you need to keep rather than thinking about the items you need to get rid of.

Skip Buying Organizing Equipment

You should not go down to the container store to purchase some organising equipment; you already have all the storage you need in your home. Every family member ought to confront their own stuff as the Japanese art of decluttering advises against disposing of other people’s stuff secretly. After every member relegates all the unneeded stuff either to charity or disposes of it, the next step would be arranging what is left neatly.

According to Marie Kondo, you should aim to store your things in drawers and arrange them in a way that allows you to see everything at one glance. You should not stack your items as it is unkind to the items placed at the bottom. Ensure that your cupboards are reorganised in a meticulous manner to ensure everything fits perfectly from your fans at the bottom to your spare blankets on top.

Fold Clothes like Sushi

According to the Japanese art of decluttering everything should be folded for the first time like a long rectangle, then they should be folded further into another smaller rectangle. You should then roll the rectangle into a tube, just like a sushi roll is created. The ‘sushi rolls’ should then be set in your drawers in an upright position.

Tackle Categories of Things and not rooms

Most people usually tackle their house clutter room by room. However, the Japanese art of decluttering has a first rule that proposes that tidying up should be done by category. For instance, when decluttering your home ensure that you first of all deal with all your books, followed by the old photographs etc. However, the Japanese art of decluttering recommends that you start with your clothing first.

Lastly, the Japanese art of decluttering proposes that you should respect your belongings as it makes them look better. You should consider their feelings as it would assist you in storing them in a neater way.

Interested in reading the book? Here is the link to purchase it.

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