Getting rid of clutter is a mindset

I feel inspired the most to write in the morning. Ideally when I’m in the underground after a brisk walk in the cold that allows me to get my circulation going and increases the blood flow in my brain – or so I heard. So I decided to start this blog and put into words some of my feelings about being a disorganised person.

I have always been a bit of a messy person, the kind of person that buys a lot of stuff and clutters the house. I’m on average I think, I’m nothing like those chronic hoarders in decluttering reality TV programmes who collect their daily newspapers for the past 10 years.

Little clutterers – cluttering as a kid

I have always believed in having an organised mess, that’s what my grandfather told me was the right thing to do, his tools storage room was a bit messy but he knew where everything was. My mum was a messy person too, I remember as a kid about a big box she had full of old and cracked nail polish. She would buy every single colour that was available back in the days and use it once or twice. Even though the box was all dusty I dreamt of growing up and becoming an adult so I could own exactly the same nail polish box. Believe me, I do, except that I keep my nail polish in a giant necessaire and throw it away once it cracks… Kids become mums 2.0!

Grown-up clutter mess continues…

Now I grew up, live in a tiny flat in London and even though I moved many times I have been living in the same place for the last 4 years. As a result, I have accumulated some clutter that is also a constant reason for arguments between me and my lovely boyfriend whose star sign happens to be Virgo. This means the most organised one! I have to admit he is totally right in complaining about my clutter.

Throwing things away is painful for me and has always been. Especially if I paid a lot of money for them. I tend to postpone decluttering because I think it is going to hurt.

Cleaners cannot help me either, here in London, they will quit their jobs if your place is too cluttered.

So I have decided do look online for a solution to my clutter problem.

First I thought about paying someone, a professional declutterer and even though this can help some people, I would not like the idea of another person going through my stuff and telling me what to do.

I asked friends for advice but it was useless. Some of them confessed they are tidy just because they have OCD which does not help me either!

So what is the solution? How to become clutter-free?

So if you’re an organised person reading this don’t judge your messy friends. We all envy your minimalistic lifestyles. We use the excuse of cosiness to accumulate more stuff! Instead what you could tell them is:

  1. Living a life without clutter is a state of mind
  2. The easiest way to get rid of your clutter is to change your mindset
  3. Even if you declutter once, clutter will keep coming back if you don’t develop systems to stop accumulating stuff

So here is one quote I saw online that changed my mindset forever. After listening to this guy I found the motivation to clean my kitchen in a couple of hours!!

When looking at a cluttered space the first thing you should think about is not about your stuff, how much you love it or how much you paid for it. Instead just think “What do I want out of this space? What do I want this space to do for me?”

What a realisation! After reading this I felt so empowered and in control again.

I looked at my stuff and thought: – Things, you all owe me a favour. Your life’s purpose is to serve me. If you are no longer serving me I need to fire you! Just like in The Apprentice.

I can be the boss here. I can be in control of my stuff and my life! I need to control my clutter before it controls me. So I began my feminist, women empowerment fight against ‘the stuff’. I felt like a heroine in a Netflix show.

I still did not take the courage to start decluttering with this new mindset yet, I know this will take time. Clutter means postponed decisions, I know, I know!

However, I am very excited about this journey and have started this blog so I can share my decluttering experience with the world and hopefully help others live a better, more fulfilled and minimalistic life too. I will post before and after photos of my decluttering here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Helen Clark

Digital marketer, writer, blogger and housecrafter. I love cooking healthy and tasty foods without spending hours in the kitchen. I'm passionate about helping modern housekeepers stay healthy and spend less time doing house chores and more time enjoying life. Getting rid of my clutter one step at a time.

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