A practical guide to decluttering without feeling overwhelmed

Once you have made your decision to change your mindset, read my article on decluttering mindset here, it’s time to take action.

Here is a step by step guide on how I am managing to keep a tidier home. I still have a bit of clutter accumulating every now and then but at least I am enjoying the little spaces and corners of my home I have created.

Decluttering guidelines:

  • One thing at a time – Organise one part of the house at a time and don’t spend too much time on one task so you don’t feel exhausted afterwards. Book 20 minutes every couple of days or on a weekend to quickly organise one specific thing, could be a box of make-up, one drawer, one table, one small chest of drawers. Just get it done, even if you don’t feel like it. You will be surprised with how much you can achieve in just a few minutes and maybe you will even stay motivated to spend a bit more time once you see the result. Why not taking a picture of your before and after and sharing that with me?!

  • Set a goal for each space – I have now separated a pile of books and magazines I never read, but really want to read. Book another 20 minutes every couple of days to really enjoy your new decluttered spaces. It could be some reading, doing your nails, using some beauty products from last Christmas that you were saving and never got round to opening, doing a fun activity like crafts, playing some music. The human brain likes rewards so if you can reward yourself for all your hard work it is more likely you will enjoy keeping an organised home. If you do this enjoyable activity regularly, this also creates a habit and you will no longer accumulate clutter because that space now has a well-defined purpose.

  • Stop building clutter – Implement habits and methods to prevent new clutter from building up. Open your letters and immediately categorise them into junk, something to add to a file, something to act upon, something to take a photo with your phone and then discard. Do the same with paper boxes, soap boxes, empty bottles of shampoo, wine – throw these away or send to recycling immediately. Don’t buy any new clothes before you have donated some.

  • Declutter your calendar – Spend less time in activities that do not add value to your life – like gossiping with that neighbour you don’t even like! – and more time in activities that really matter to you.

  • Practice positive emotions – Be grateful for your achievements and never beat yourself up for not doing enough. Do not compare yourself with friends that are more organised than you, just think about how much you have already achieved. Enjoy the journey! Be compassionate. Think about things you can donate to a charity that could be useful to someone else and how many people around the world this could help. Meditate on these positive emotions and practice mindfulness.


Helen Clark

Digital marketer, writer, blogger and housecrafter. I love cooking healthy and tasty foods without spending hours in the kitchen. I'm passionate about helping modern housekeepers stay healthy and spend less time doing house chores and more time enjoying life. Getting rid of my clutter one step at a time.

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